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== Förkortningslathund ==


SCI Service Civil International

SCI - IS SCI - International Secretariat. There are three locations: head office in

Antwerpen (Belgium), Asian office in Kandy (Sri Lanka) and East-West office

in Poznan (Poland)

ICM International Committee Meeting (“general assembly of SCI”) where

delegates from SCI branches and observers from recognised groups and

working groups take part.

IEC International Executive Committee (“the board of SCI”) – elected by the ICM.

Includes the SCI President, Vice-president, Treasurer and 5 other members.

N/S (NS) North – South

NSPM North-South Platform North-South Platform Meeting of SCI

NGO Non Governmental Organisation

VEF Volunteer Exchange Fee: 28% of the fee for placing a volunteer in a

workcamp goes into the VEF fund which covers the insurance premiums for

all SCI volunteers, costs of organising the TEM, staff cots of the IS, travel of

weak branches to international meetings, etc. It applies to SCI branches in

Europe, USA and S. Korea

===Typer av volontärer===

STV SCI definition: Short Term Volunteer (usually for a period of 2- 4 weeks)

LTV SCI definition: Long Term Volunteer (for a period of 1 – 12 or more months)



Budget line of the Commission where NGO’s can apply for projects involving

/ for young people. It has 5 different ‘Actions’.

Youth for


Action 1 of the YOUTH Programme

EVS European Voluntary Service. Action 2 of the YOUTH Programme. EVS projects

have a duration of 6 to 12 months.

EVS Short Term EVS project with a duration of 3 weeks to 6 months. Exclusively for

disadvantaged young people.



Action 5 of the YOUTH Programme.



A country that is fully part of the YOUTH Programme (EU countries, Norway,

Liechtenstein and the accession countries to the EU).

Third country Other country that is not a programme country but can be involved in the

YOUTH Programme in partnership with programme countries.

NA National Agency (of the YOUTH Programme in one country)


WG Working Group (part of the international structures of SCI). It requires at

least three branches or groups and ICM approval for official recognition.

Africa WG (AWG) Africa Working Group of SCI (Europe-based).

Abya Yala (AYI) Abya Yala International - Latin America WG (Europe-based).

EDWG Environment and Development WG (Asia-based).

GATE (EWWG) GATE (Group for Action Together in Europe). Also known as East West WG

LTEG Long Term Exchange Group (Europe-based)

MIDI Mediterranean WG (Europe-based)

PHR WG Peace and Human Rights WG of SCI (Asia–based)

Refugees WG WG dealing with refugees issues (Asia-based)

SAVA WG for the Balkan region (Europe-based)

YUWG Youth and Unemployment WG. Main projects are about the integration of

young disadvantaged volunteers in SCI activities.

Women WG WG dealing with women’s issues (Asia-based)

CAAAL Commission Afrique, Asie, Amerique Latine. Structure of SCI France dealing

with projects in Africa (including Maghreb), LA and Asia.

===Nationella organisationer===

Branch Full member organisations of SCI. A branch has voting right at the ICM.



First stage of SCI membership before becoming a branch. A recognised group

has no voting right at the ICM.



An NGO who is in an early stage of cooperation with SCI and has expressed its

intention of becoming an SCI member or a partner organisation in future. A

contact organisation is not a member of SCI.




An organisation with whom SCI cooperates (projects, exchanges) and

recognised as such by the ICM. POs are not members of SCI.

CVS Cooperation for Voluntary Service - Recognised group of SCI in Bulgaria

KVT Kansainvälinen Vapaaehtoistyö ry - Finnish Branch of SCI

IAL Internationella Arbetslag - Swedish branch of SCI

ID Internasjonal Dugnad - Norwegian branch of SCI

IVS International Voluntary Service - name of SCI branches in GB and N. Ireland

OWA One World Association - Polish branch of SCI

SECINT Servicio Civil Internacional – name of SCI contact in Guatemala

Utilapu Hungarian branch of SCI

VCZ Voluntary Service Zagreb - Recognised group of SCI in Croatia

VSI Voluntary Service International - Irish branch of SCI

VIA Name for the SCI branches in Netherlands and in the Dutch speaking Belgium

===Samarbetsorganisationer och möjliga finansiärer===

EUROMED EUROMED Programme of the EU (budget line for Euro-Mediterranean

projects; it is somehow included in the YOUTH Programme)

EYF European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe. A funding source for

youth projects at European level.

YFJ Youth Forum Jeunesse – A European Platform Organisation of European

National Youth Councils and Youth Organisations; SCI is a member of it.

AVSO Association of Voluntary Service Organisations. A European platform of

national and international non-profit organisations active in the field of

longer term Voluntary Service. SCI is a founder member of it.

CCIVS Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service. An international

NGO responsible for coordination of voluntary service. SCI is a see here founder

member of it.

Alliance A world-wide network of voluntary service organisations. SCI exchanges with

some Alliance member organisations.

YAP Youth Action for Peace: an international peace movement.


PSE Public Search engine for Workcamps of SCI: http://camps.sciint.org

AD Administration Database (Admin Site): an Internet database where SCI

branches and some partner organisations upload and update their workcamp

information, infosheets, places available, etc. http://admin.sciint.org

The Commission The Commission of the EU

DG A Directorate General of the Commission

FACT Finance, Advice and Consultancy Team of SCI

IIC International Insurance Commission of SCI

ADW Asian Development Worker (full-time international staff in IS-Kandy)

EDW European Development Worker (full-time international staff in IS-Antwerpen)

EWDW East-West Development Worker (full-time international staff in IS-Poznan)

FO Finance Officer of SCI (part-time international staff in IS-Antwerpen)

IC International Coordinator of SCI (full-time international staff in ISAntwerpen).

Acts as manager of all other international staff.

PoA Plan of Action

IECM IEC Meeting (3 – 4 times a year)

TEM Technical Meeting of SCI. Organised usually in March every year; deals with

technical aspects of the exchanges. Participants: SCI branches, groups,

partner organisations.

APM Asian Platform Meeting of SCI

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